Rousay Accordion Weekends

Celebrating All Things Accordion and Orcadian.

Rousay Accordion Weekends is an exciting new venture founded by James Grieve and Karen Tweed ( Set exclusively on the island of Rousay in the Orkney Isles - RAW brings a unique and refreshing aspect to the world of accordion by incorporating the rich wonders that the island possess; such as archaeology and astronomy - presented through fascinating walks and talks by local experts. Combining the unmatched culture, history and beauty of Rousay with three days of workshops, dancing, music sessions and concerts; RAW makes for an extraordinary and unforgettable weekend.

RAW 2019 Photos!

The island of Rousay is one of the 20 inhabited Orkney Islands and has been named Egypt of the North due to its large quantity of archaeological discoveries that date back to the stone age.  Every summer, archaeologists flock to Rousay to discover what lies underneath the surface.  Most recently, The Knowe of Swandro has been the focal point due to the urgent issue of coastal erosion.  This site has produced some incredible artifacts, but the most exciting discovery was in July 2018, when archaeologists uncovered a 1500 year old handprint.

The Music

The Rousay Accordion Weekend begins on Friday evening and ends late Sunday afternoon.  During this time, there will be a number of accordion workshops lead by Karen Tweed, James Grieve and Ellen Grieve.  These workshops will be based around various ability levels from newer players to experienced players and encourage anyone interested in the accordion to come along as there will be something for everyone.  The workshops will focus on different playing styles and tunes from Orkney, Shetland, Ireland, Scandinavia and beyond...!

During the weekend, there will also be the opportunity for students to try their hand at playing for a Scottish Ceilidh or if you don't fancy that, how about joining in the dancing? There will be an informal music session which will allow everyone to swap tunes.  The weekend will also feature a musical performance from the Karen Tweed and James Grieve in the state-of-the-art building;The Space, which has been converted from an old church to a beautiful venue and recording studio by Jilted John's very own: Graham Fellows.

Photographs of Rousay
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